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We're taking an opportunity with the holidays to do a little planning for our 2010 projects. In particular, we've got the basement finishing ahead of us.

So, we've started by developing a floorplan. We drew it up in SketchUp, which I'm finally starting to get a hang of.


This was fun because it's the first time we've been able to develop a space from scratch--the basement has never been finished before.

We've decided to keep things simple. We'll put up a few walls, use simple materials, and keep the spaces as open and flexible as possible.

With the layout done, we've now started looking at design ideas. As we've mentioned before, we're going to try for a loft-style basement look. Here's what we've come up with so far:


(Click here for a larger version)

We've got a bunch of links and details from the idea board above. Here they are by room:

Play Space
Flow Wall: A modular wall system that allows hanging a variety of items. (We think its also metal so we could attach magnetic items like the cool Frigits toy
that Grace got from Santa this week. The Sears website isn't clear on the finish material for this wall system so we need to research this some more. If it isn't metal then we'll probably go with something like this metal pegboard instead.)
- Ekorre Swing - A simple swing from Ikea that we can hang from the ceiling.
- Foam Floor Mats - Interlocking foam pieces that provide a soft surface for play.
- Norrsken Lighting - Ikea's flexible take on low-voltage track lighting.

Media Room
- Kramfors Sofa - This series from Ikea comes in a lot of configurations. We're looking for inexpensive leather so it's easy to clean but not too nice for basement use.
- Poang Chair - Again, an easy to maintain and low cost option from Ikea.
- Orgel Floor Lamp - An Ikea lamp that matches the loft style of the rest of the room.
- Klubbo Coffee Table - Another Ikea item...sensing a trend here?
- Brown Grid Flooring - This is the Feelin Groovy rug kit from FLOR.

Laundry Room
- Foto Pendant Lights - A set of three silver pendant lights from Ikea.
- Gold-Color Flooring - This is the Straight & Narrow rug kit from FLOR, designed for high traffic spaces.

Jonas Desk - A low cost and stylish desk from (wait for it) Ikea.
Aeron Chair - We've got one of these from Jeanne's old dot-com days...those stories you might have heard about people buying used Aeron chairs for ten cents on the dollar from failed dot-coms were true.

The toughest part of the design so far has been the ceiling. We'd originally expected to leave it entirely unfinished, but I'm now second guessing the idea due to concerns that it will make the entire space feel too unfinished.

The latest idea is to avoid drywall for most of the ceiling but to use something like a cloud ceiling system that would hang stretched fabric just below the rafters. That could give a finished look while still allowing for access to the joists (and also simplifying the finishing).

So, that's the latest. More to come, I'm sure, so thoughts are welcome!

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