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With work now under way demoing in the basement we've started to daydream about what it might look like when it's I wasn't surprised to get a middle-of-the-night email from Jeannie with a link to the FloorTrax website that just said this:


Subject: Basement Floor!



Maybe our definition of 'awesome' is different from other young married couples, but I gotta say I agree.

The basement in our house has been a lingering issue for a long time.  It's unfinished concrete and while it's in decent shape it isn't what we'd want for a finished floor where it's usable space that isn't just storage and a workshop.

The neighbors painted their concrete floor and I have to say it looks pretty good, but a flooring like this stuff could be great.  It's simple, durable, softer than concrete...and probably good with the occasional flooding that you have to expect as a Chicago resident.  They have a bunch of different types of floors for things like garages, shops and sports.


floortrax-styles.gifThey even have a flooring designer on their site you can use to test different layouts.  Unfortunately, pricing isn't immediately availble in the tool but you can request a quote via email.

Even more perfect?  You can have them make your floor with a custom logo!  Nobody tell Grace. :-)

This looks decent, but if anyone else has had good experience with basement flooring please let us know...

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