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Stripes seem to be a good compromise.

Yesterday, I moaned about my inability to convince my manly spouse to embrace my flowered curtain idea for the garage. Tale as old as time, really. My husband's Norwegian Viking ancestors were probably very opposed to such foolishness in the garage as well.

So, the kindly citizens of the internet came to rescue with some extremely fine ideas. Stripes seemed to be a popular choice, so I began scouting out patterns online.


I fell in love with this Nautica stripe, but the price made me hesitate. After all, they are curtains for the GARAGE and we still have a whole house filled with paper shades. But I dug the maximum red, minimum neutral combination.

Through a happy accident, I stumbled upon this site.


Ooooooh. Retro fabrics. Fabrics that make you drool and swoon. Fabrics for the manly man, the girly girl, and the tomboy girl who likes a bit of prettiness now and then.

Warm Biscuit has a really cool supply of vintage fabrics, including the red ticking stripe I'm currently considering for the garage windows. (Or maybe the Big Red Ticking. Or the Sage and Tan. Train Plaid? I'd be pushing my luck with the Red Star, wouldn't I?

Though, if I was doing this for security reasons (not that there is anything left to steal in there!), I would probably use Cat's suggestion to follow the lead of Martha Stewart.

But that is seriously creepy.

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Glad you found a happy compromise! I really like the ticking. When I first read this, I thought you meant it was creepy to follow Martha Stewart. Once I clicked on the link, then I understood what you meant!

The silhouette curtains would be great for Halloween decor, but I'm afraid that my daughter would be seriously psychologically damaged!

I've always liked this site for vintage print fabric

not that you asked for it, but i'd recommend going with the sage and tan ticking--it complements the white and sage of the exterior so nicely.

you're going to have one of the nicest-looking garages in the neighborhood!

I thought the sage and tan ticking was just perfect!

I think the sage and tan would be neat. Mom

Tee Hee

I need help when "warm biscuits" made me think more about horse's than food...

I was thinking what an odd name for a company why would you want to associate your company with that. ohhhhhh I get it

Sounds like I'm going to be taking a closer look at Sage and Tan :)

If following Martha Stewart is creepy, then call me creepy! Ever since I listened to the This American Life episode about her crafting team, I've been more and more fascinated with that magazine.

Saple--As in "please don't step in the biscuit!" Heh.


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