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Long ago, before we had even owned this house, I had found this picture somewhere and pasted it into my old idea book.  This little corner in the room just appealed to me.  So cozy.  A few nights ago, I found the picture again.  Since we are at the point where we are brainstorming ideas for rebuilding the fireplace, I scanned it and I'm adding it to the Idea Guide on the blog.

There are a number of photos of fireplaces that I've collected over the past few years.  So I'm going to include them in this post for future reference.

...from Idea Wise Fireplaces...

...from Bungalow Nation...

...from Idea Wise Fireplaces...

...from KBIS 2006...

...from Bungalow Nation...

...from Idea Wise Fireplaces...

I like the tile.  It will be easier and cheaper than recreating the brick face and I like the look more.  Not that we've ever built anything like this before, so that will be a challenge.

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Will you be able to get the fireplace working? (At a reasonable cost, I realize that almost anything is possible with enough $)

I have a feeling that your orginal one was like the first picture, good luck with the fireplace. I know it will turn out ok.

You've got some beautiful ideas there. I like the first and last ones the best. Either of those could be gorgeous in your room.


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Started years ago as a scrapbook, this collection of photos serves as inspiration as we restore our own bungalow. We hope you find it either useful or entertaining as well.

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