Our Lady of Perpetual Protection from Plaster Dust

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Foxcroft houseblog shared this brilliant link while recounting the celebration of the completion of their second floor (congratulations!)  It's a company called Everyday Icons.

Having grown up in a Catholic family, lighting candles to attract the attention and protection of Our Lady makes complete sense to me.  I haven't done it for awhile, but I'm reminded of this practice everytime I shop at a grocery store in our ethnically-diverse little neighborhood and wheel my cart past the rows and rows of candles asking for the protection of the Virgin De Guadalupe.

I thought the following selections were brilliant and relevant!

I place my feeble soul in your hands that you will come to my aid in my home home renovation/remodeling project. Protect me from skyrocketing cost overruns, unreliable and incompetent workers and contractors that say "weeks" but mean "eternity." Spare me the indignity of low-flow toilet regulations and ensure the paint on the walls actually somewhat resembles what I chose. And on my knees I beg thee that my home will not look like a war zone forever, Amen.


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LOL! Now that is something so true.

Thanks for sharing....it's nice that others understand what we are going through.

I LOVE it. Too funny.


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