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We first saw this modern/craftsman home made baby gate over at the Apartment Therapy-Chicago site, but they give props to blue ant studio for the original post.

One word: ssss-weet!


With little Grace increasingly interested in gettin' around soon we've started to talk about baby gate solutions. Let's just say most models are uninspiring.

That said, to be honest we've just got so much DIY on our project list I was really hoping they were a manufactured product when I first saw the photo. It obviously wouldn't be a difficult project but do we really have the energy for one more item on our to-do list at this point? I dunno...

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That is much more attractive than any gate I've seen on the market, but once kids get to the climbing stage, I know mine would use those horizontal rungs as a ladder to go straight up and over. Maybe something similar, but with vertical bars?

I've read about that baby gate, and the person who made it has made it clear that there's plexiglass over the horizontal bars on the upstairs side of the gate, to prevent climbing.

Oh, that is soooo much classier than anything else on the market. Very chic !

I would recommend using vertical bars even if there is plexiglass on both sides, which I'm sorry to say I don't see present. Craftsmanship looks very good. Key thing is to think ahead in safety.

i had a woodworker make this baby gate after seeing blue ant studio's gorgeous piece. the vertical slats don't have the same aesthetic effect (it's more arts-and-crafts or something), but it is definitely a safe gate! the woodworker made this great lift-lever that locks in place, flush with the stair-side of the gate. by the time baby figures out how to undo that latch and be able to reach it, she'll be 10.

thanks to blue ant studio for the inspiration!


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