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Another great idea that I've always meant to write about. My parents own a sweet little lakehouse in Virginia. When they were updating it, they found that they really never used the trash compactor. It was just taking up precious space in their galley kitchen.

Enter: Uncle Charlie. My Uncle Charlie is a master craftsperson. He can make amazing things from iron or wood. He can probably make amazing things from any material, but he usually works with those. He is also extremely wise to have stayed away from our horror of a project in Chicago since, should he ever step over the threshold, my Aunt Mary would quite possibly never see him again.

My Uncle Charlie whipped up this very cute and functional rolling cart with a butcher block top. It can be rolled under the counter, and my mom keeps a basket with her bread and rolls on it (it helps that they don't own pets, or else this would not be a good place to keep edibles.)


It can be rolled out from under the counter when a chopping block is needed.


OR! You can roll it right up to the table for serving food from hot plates!


Cool idea, eh?

Everyone needs an Uncle Charlie, don't you think?

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I think it's a brilliant idea.

I've had this related idea floating around in my head - our kitchen cabinets go to our (high) ceiling, so we always have to use a small step ladder to reach items located at the top. I think it would be a cool idea to have a rolling/disappearing ladder built into the cabinets. The steps would pull out from between the drawers. But I haven't quite figured out exactly how it might work - I'm no engineer (although I play one on t.v.)

Why don't I have an Uncle Charlie? Actually, come to think of it I do, but he's not like your Uncle Charlie. He doesn't build anything.

There's something similar in this month's Better Homes, only it's a desk that fits underneath a built-in credenza for times the home office needs to be used as a guest room. A very clever idea.


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