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During our trip to the Pacific Northwest, we went to visit Aaron's Aunt Marvel up in Birch Bay (who is every bit as marvelous as her name). Her neighbors, Kerri and Bill, invited us into their garden which was really lovely.



Bill is quite the craftsman. A very talented guy. And Kerri is extremely artistic. Here is the beautiful garden bell that Bill made for Kerri's garden...



The dragonfly on the bell and the Chinese word for "tranquility" were carved (is that the word for it?) out of the metal by Bill. I was WAY impressed.

Bill also made this very cool cannon named "Thor" and shot billiard balls out of it. I think it was to celebrate the holiday. Or maybe that was just an excuse to put Thor through his paces. (Bill & Kerri's son is loading the cannon.)


Kerri's artistic touches are everywhere...




The birdhouse on top of the post? I was familiar with making a little shelter for birds in a garden. But the "bee house" halfway up the post? That was completely new to me! I know that they help to pollinate the flowers so I should get over my "bee thing".






Tasha would like to drive the red truck...


...but I was coveting the vintage blue truck that Bill is working on in the garage!



It reminded me of HouseMade's most awesome Gladys the Truck. But I have no idea what model it is...I should have asked Bill.

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The truck looks like a Willy's. You mean you were in Birch Bay, and you didn't come visit us in Canada? ;)

hi Derek! We were sailing wih family in and around the San Juans. We would have LOVED to go to Vancouver and hope to go back soon! (We made it to Victoria but had to come back down.) Next time we're up, we'll give you guys a shout! :)


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