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One of the reasons we moved to this neighborhood and bought the House In Progress was to be near Aaron's parents, who live four houses down the alley. This is Mormor and Farfar's Garden. (Well, to be truthful, in Swedish it is Farmor and Farfar, but my mother is Grammy and Mormor is really easier to say.)

As I haven't had time to write up the work we accomplished over the weekend, I will offer you this collection of photos from their magical garden. One day, we hope to have as lovely a garden for our house.


This is the back of the house where we have spent many cozy evenings drinking coffee by candlelight.



If you look out from the dining table, you can see the garden.


The little fountain trickles quietly.



You can sit and meditate on the garden bench.


Or you can tuck away in the corner on brisk nights by the firepit and roast marshmellows.


But if the weathervane shows strong breezes, Farfar won't be in his garden. He'll be out sailing.


Lovely, lovely.

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Sailing on the Mistral no doubt!! POPS --30--

Ah, that curl-necked wall lamp! What is that style called? I only see those on commercial buildings around here and we want one for over our back door. I've tried sconces and goosenecks and pendants but I can never sem to find teh right keyword online. I'd love to know what it might truly be named.

A little research turns up that this style is called "Pier lighting". Aaron's dad purchased these at Smith & Hawken a couple of years ago, but they don't have them on their website anymore. (It was called the Seine Sconce.) Perhaps they would have them in their store? Restoration Hardware had something similar called the Captain's Lantern Sconce, which is also no longer offered on their website.

It's such as classic design and so frustrating that it is so difficult to find!

The most similar available light is from Rejuvenation...the Radial Warehouse light.

I found lights like this under search terms including "pier", "wharf", "marina", etc.

I have a number of Smith & Hawken pier sconce lights identical to the ones pictured-all in excellent condition and several new in original packaging. Would you be interested in purchasing them?


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Started years ago as a scrapbook, this collection of photos serves as inspiration as we restore our own bungalow. We hope you find it either useful or entertaining as well.

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