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A stucco bungalow extravaganza! House voyeurism to the max...

So, what trip to another city would be complete without some neighborhood drive-by shootings? The kind you commit with a camera.


The city of Edina outside of Minneapolis-St. Paul has bungalows galore. We were swooning around every corner.


This little bungalow was one of my favorites. So tiny! So cute!


This is making me VERY impatient to continue stripping and painting the trim on our own house.


I had never thought of using black as a trim accent, but it really complimented the houses that we saw.


More later...

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My former neighborhood :)

I am always trying to talk neighbors with bungalows into using black for their trim color. It looks freakin awesome. There a couple of houses not far from us that use it and it looks so dramatic and kinda special-occassion. Love it.

We just had our house painted a couple of months ago -- which I'm pretty chuffed about, actually -- and used black for our main trim color, with cream for the accent trim on the window sashes (we chose a deep taupe, the color of wet sand for the body) and it looks, if I may say, stunning. (I've been working on a gargantuan website update that'll include the pictures.) Just as I'd envisioned it, but even better. I can't tell you the number of people that have stopped in front of the house since it's been painted, and every one of them remarks on the black trim.

Mpls/Edina has some great bungalows, glad to see you promoting our area! I am one of two houses on my block to still have the original wood storms and screens. When scraping the Kelly green off, I did see the original color was black. This was true on my old house as well. I am using the darkest blue I could find(ink). A nod to black, but wanted to use colors other than white and black. Too many houses have been painted white or beige with white or beige trim. A house a few down was completely redone, and is now a great shade of yellow. Maybe once my home is repainted, we can inspire more neighbors to have fun with color! Thanks for the great post.


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Started years ago as a scrapbook, this collection of photos serves as inspiration as we restore our own bungalow. We hope you find it either useful or entertaining as well.

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