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Need an Idea Guide for your own houseblog? Consider using StyleHive to keep track of your home renovation wishlist!

Okay, so the widget is a little clunky looking but, hey! It's free to users and it's a cool idea.

Stylehive has launched a site which they are calling "a social bookmarking community focused entirely on products and shopping."

Although I hate, HATE shopping, I do appreciate Stylehive for two reasons:

1) I love online research.
2) I have a lousy memory.

So what if I never buy anything that I'm storing in the hive? In fact, it's better that I don't. In my quest to declutter, perhaps Stylehive can be the place where I go to look at the things I like without feeling that I need to own them.

Anyway, I'm sure Stylehive did not have ME in mind as the posterchild for hipness who would dig up all the trendy new designs for the year. But, ah well. Just what IS hip, anyway? Wasn't my taste some previous era's hip? Could we have told Charles Rennie MackIntosh that he was hip? Would he have thought we were talking about that area between the navel and the upper thigh? Who knows. Whatever. All I'm saying is, fun blog widget. Check it out.

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Thanks for sharing - I recently came across this as well but I didn't really take the time to see how it worked. Interesting new app for sure.


Actually, we sorta did have you in mind when we developed Stylehive -- for all the reasons you mentioned. ;-)

Thanks so much for the writeup -- we're really excited to see you using the Hive!

Reuben Steiger

Whoops! Busted by the big kahuna!

Hi! I liked most of your pics, especially those led rechargable candles, led's are the future wave of lighting for sure. I was suprised to see your cleaning products, happy that they were environmentally minded, but I stopped using anything but vinegar, baking soda, olive oil and Dr. Bronners a while ago! I love the fact that I can make my own products rather easily for a fraction of the cost with no harm done to the environment or chemical headaches! I spray a combo of vinegar, water and Dr.Bronners peppermint soap in my tub and it gleams white!!! I spray on a bit daily so that I never have to actually scrub. Vinegar is good for windows and I hear olive oil does wonders for hardwood floors! luv d


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