Frank Lloyd Wright Stencils

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Note to self for future reference: Use in Living Room? For windows art project?


Not only am I loving these stencils and the other Prairie-Style items on this site...

...I'm also amazed at how timeless these designs are. They've incorporated the objects into some very modern interior design contexts and they look completely lovely and appropriate. There are items in this display that I KNOW are from IKEA, for example.


Right now, Prairie Mod is saying, "Well, duh, Jeannie."

(By the way, I will admit that I use Prairie Mod's free desktop wallpaper on my laptop. Soooooo pretty.)

I think that the stencils might be just the thing for that art window idea I keep mulling over.

All photos via Prairie Arts

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Oooh! I love those stencils, too. (Though they don't make it very easy to buy them...) Thanks for the great links, Jeannie.

Thank you Aaron for the wonderful post on our products! You are correct, we used a lot of ikea furniture to show that these designs are timeless and can be incorporated in any style.

Response to Josh's comment, we are only a wholesaler so you cannot buy our products on our site, but if you go to our where to buy section, there are plenty of retailers who carry our products. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a specific product and we can point you in the right direction.

Thank you again!

Just for clarification, the byline above says I wrote this post but it was actually Jeanne...she probably just logged in as me.

I don't use the word 'lovely' as often as she does. I also don't have a Prairie Mod design as my computer desktop image (although they are indeed very attractive). :-)

Which begs the question Aaron: What is your desktop image?

A photo of our daughter Grace at the playground. :-)

Thank you for all of the work on your home improvement site.

I thought the information on your site would be useful as reference material for my clients. I took the liberty of posting to it from my site at

Thanks again.


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