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HGTV gave a special press preview of their next 'broadband website' coming in May--HGTV BathDesign.

The first evening of the Expo, Scripps Network (owner of HGTV and other cable outlets like the DIY Network and the Food Network) held a launch party for their BathDesign website, which is a follow-up to their site on the kitchen (HGTV KitchenDesign).

We got there just a little before the presentation was supposed to start. That gave us some time to try out their appetizer buffet (good stuff!) and to grab a drink at the bar (which each contained an ice cube with a bright blue LED...sorry, we didn't get a photo) before things got started.

Obviously this was a pretty good chance to mingle and network, so I struck up a conversation with a guy who walked in just behind us. He asked us who we were with, and while he seemed a bit confused about the concept of houseblogs.net, he was really nice about it.

A few minutes later he was on stage kicking off the show.

I'd assumed he was with Kohler since that was on his name tag, but actually he was Ed the Plumber and appears regularly on the DIY Network.

After he was off stage we had a chance to chat again and had a good laugh. In spite of our little faux pas, he was still gracious enough to pose for a photo. :-)


Regarding HGTVBathDesign itself, we got a demo of the site and it looked promising. Lots of video content from their various TV channels, a few online design tools, as well as some original articles and new video content. In fact, it looks like the site is now live so you can check it out yourself, including their own take on the best trends and products featured at KBIS.

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