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Elmira delivers retro fun with modern convenience.

My favorite stove of all time was my 1950-something Magic Chef gas stove that I had to leave behind in our last move. It was an indestructible tank that never failed me and it was, I don't know, BEEFY. The knobs felt good to turn, it was solid, it was fun. I appreciate digital technology, but sometimes turning an analog knob just feels right.

So, I enjoyed talking to Kim from Elmira about their Retro line of stoves, the Northstar Line. These stoves are solid and fun, perfect for the period enthusiast or culture vulture.


Elmira Stoves were originally manufactured by Kim's father-in-law for local Mennonites who kept coming by the store looking for old stove parts. The 1850's stove line became so popular that he began creating gas and electric stoves (along with the wood burning stoves he had been making) for the general public.

Today's Elmira Stoves may look old, but they "work new". You can choose electric, gas or a combination electric stove/gas range. As of this year, you can also integrate induction elements in your rangetop. The freestanding 1850's stove also comes as a ventless model with a built-in charcoal filter (best for old houses where it may not be easy or possible to ventilate above the stove.)


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I want one!

I love them. They are so beautiful.

I own Elmira Stove Works and welcome any comments or questions about our appliances. If you are interested in learning more, call us at 800-295-8498.

We are purchasing a house and the house has an Elmira wood-burning stove in it. Is it possible to get a manual on this oven? I think the stove said the model number was "oval". I am not sure, however; will know more when we actually move in. I assume this is a new stove made to look old?


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