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Hiding your ironing board is an old idea that's become new again...and not just for old house owners.

We had an ironing board closet in our kitchen once upon a time. Since it was installed in 1914, a previous owner yanked out the board and turned it into a spice closet. Which is okay, I guess. Ironing in the kitchen just isn't practical for me.

However, I would love to have that ironing cabinet in our walk-in closet upstairs thus having the ability to iron right where the clothes get hung up and put away. And, now I can have that!


Easy to install between two wall studs, Iron-A-Way has updated the ironing board cabinet with modern usability and sleek new looks. Close it up and the exterior can be a mirror (awesome for a walk-in closet), can shine with many tones of chrome, or can be covered by a traditional wood cabinet door in many styles.


Inside, the Iron-A-Way provides lighting, an electrical outlet and storage for an iron and supplies. It can be folded down straight out or you can pivot it to the side once it has been folded down. After you're done, just fold it away.

KBIS Photos 206-3.jpg

If you order a Universal Design model, the ironing board can be adjusted to the height of a user in a chair or wheelchair and the iron can be stored below. The board can be re-adjusted to its regular height quite easily. This height adjustment is also handy if you can talk your kids into doing your ironing. Good luck with that, by the way.

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Well whaddya know! We just bought an Iron-A-Way unit this weekend for our new walk-in closet. The basic unit that we got is just $169. (I think that's right.) A relatively small cost for a very nice amenity.


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