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Here's another idea in the same vein of the drawers in stairs that we found a few months back--drawers in the toekick space near the kitchen floor.  We found them at a new blog we were just turned on to called Charles and Hudson.  The site features home design ideas, and this was one of the ones they'd posted last week.

While in the end we've decided that drawers built in to our stairs won't happen (we're concerned about them having structural problems as the floors settle), this idea actually seems like it could work. 

What's neat about this find is that there are even detailed instructions available on how it's done.  A cabinet maker posted them over on Woodweb

According to him, the owner wanted them to store things like the kitchen appliance manuals.  Looking at the photos, it actually looks like they'd be deep enough to hold other thin kitchen items like flatware or dishes.


Our own kitchen is plenty far off, so we'll just have to file this one away here in the Idea Guide for a (long) while. 

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Flatware or dishes when the kid is...hmmm...16, maybe. (grin)

Pot lids? Grace's mommy's favorite toys many years ago.

Now that's cool. I'm thinking pizza pans and cookie sheets!

I wonder if it would be hard to clean in/under/around them? Seems like mop water would just run underneath. Nice idea though, too bad our cabinets don't have a toekick.

I have seen those used in a couple of kt design mags to max storage space. used to store holiday linens and trays and pizza stones, and all sorts of things that you hardly ever use. great use of space.

Oh, yeah. That's a great idea! I'd put cookie sheets, cutting boards, placemats, and extra napkins in there. This is something that's been driving me crazy lately--not having a big, flat space where I can store things flat that I use regularly.

On a remodeled homes tour we went on a couple of years back, one of the kitchens had a pull-out/fold-up step stoll that was hidden in the toekick. It was a pretty cool idea.

Wow--that's the coolest storage idea I've seen in years!

I saw something - maybe in This Old House - where they put the fridge up on a small platform, maybe 6" high, and had one of these drawers underneath. As long as you're tall enough to reach things in the freezer that's 6" higher than normal, it's a great use of space that would otherwise get ignored.

Great idea! Sheet pans are such a pain to keep organized.

Neat idea! You guys always find the best innovations.

Perfect for dish towels and paper plates!

I love this idea. It was featured several years ago in the This Old House Magazine. Linens, place mats etc. were listed as possible items to be stored. And think about how much fun Grace would have emptying these easily accesible drawers.
Lisa'a Mom

To much bending over for me... POPS --30--

Great idea; and here's another one (this has worked really great with our kids): a pull-out step instead of a drawer in the below-the-sink cabinet toe-kick. The trick is to make sure there's a lock to keep the step in place. It gives little ones the few extra inches they need to reach the sink. It works even better for bathroom vanities - just make sure it's high enough for a two-year-old.

I've seen slightly taller versions of this pull-out drawer have a piece of plywood cutout with two holes, perfectly sized for inserting rim-mounted food and water bowls for dogs or cats.

Although I wonder how often the drawer would actually be closed. I guess it would allow you to quickly clean and conceal the pet area if you had guests over.


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