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Before I stopped working downtown, I ducked into one of my favorite little pannini places to snap some photos of their very, very cool tile floor.  And, after a bit of explanation, they were kind enough to let me.

I saw floors like these in cafes in Italy and Austria.  So classic.  So easy to clean. 



I think that the alternating shapes of the tiles (rectangles AND squares) made a really attractive pattern on the floor. I immediately thought "CAFE KITCHEN!" But I don't know if our kitchen joists would support the weight of all of this tile without some reinforcement. Ah well.




Still pretty cool, though!  Just wanted to put these into my idea book for future reference someday...

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Very cool- I also like the colors. Can you reinforce the floor without too much trouble? That may be a silly question...

if not a floor, you could always tile your future stove/oven backsplash that way

love the tile! i agree that using a similar pattern for a stove nook/backsplash would look great if you can't do the floor (plus tile floors can be quite hard on dropped dishes or toddling toddlers...)

some unsolicited advice---if you decide to do any sort of small tile counter, take jane powell's advice and lay each tile individually with 1/8"" spacing, rather than in the mesh sheets with 1/4'' spacing. we read that advice in "bungalow kitchens", and thought "no way---tearing each of those tiny tiles off the sheet and laying them separately? that's just crazy talk!" so we left them on the mesh sheets when we did our hex tile counter, and now we have big ol' grout lines that hold on to every coffee ground and bread crumb that comes into contact with the counter. live and learn---at least it looks fabulous!

I know it is tile. but looks like it would be beautiful in a linoleum pattern wonder if you could find something like that.

I am just not a fan of ceramic tile for residential horizontal surfaces .... bathrooms and backsplashs, fine ... It is cold and it breaks everything and the dang grout lines collect everything....

plus the sound that resonates off of it

it would be a pain to lay but daltile now makes a minibrick 1x2 that is the same material that you used upstairs in your bath in white and then you could get the 1x1 in whatever color you wanted, you would have to lay each one by hand but you would have no grout joints to speak of, get the pattern you wanted and the best part daltile is not out of this world in price! yippie.ams


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