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Santa left us a special treat this Christmas...a rocking chair for the nursery!  Actually, he left us a photo of the rocker, since the real one should arrive via sleigh delivery truck in mid-February.  Hopefully by then the nursery will be in a bit better shape!

Rebecca Rocking Chair comes standard in this nice 'drew red' color.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look quite this dark in person.  As a result, we decided to go with a more neutral chocolate brown color (and we can use it elsewhere in the house when she outgrows usual, we don't like putting things in the house we aren't going to keep for a LONG time.)  (p.s. from jm: And it is large enough for a really tall DAD to take over a few night feedings comfortably....hurray!)

Now the bad news...the chair is actually being discontinued in January.  We were lucky to have gotten one of the last ones!

The good news is that if you want one yourself there are actually several similar models at other retailers...Land of Nod makes one that's almost identical.  Pottery Barn Kids offers one too.

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Nice rocker!

When our son was born, we opted for a basic rocker/recliner with leather upholstery. It was great because I could nap with the feet up and the baby on my lap, or rock away those frequent fits. And the leather shrugs off the inevitable spills and spit-ups with just a damp cloth.

HA! That looks too comfortable! You need a hard wood rocker to see you through those night vigils!

A suggestion for your rocker if you will have it on wood floors: Go buy some felt at a craft store and glue it onto the bottom of the rockers, any wood glue will work. No matter how smooth the rockers are they will mark your wood floor over time. We've done this with all our rockers.


Excellent idea from Mike. I wish I would have thought of that many years ago....
POPS ---30---


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