Emtek Exterior Door Handle & Lockset

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Today we finalized our pick for the handle and lockset for our front exterior door. We've chosen the Emtek Wilshire model with a Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. The model is a tubular entryset, which will work well with the Craftsman-style exterior door we're currently finishing.

A couple of folks seem to have had some glitches with Emtek products when we asked for advice, but after doing our own research, we're satisified that it's the right choice for us. First, our budget doesn't allow the type of investment on the lockset as some of the high-end models would require. Second, we had a fairly extensive conversation with some experienced folks at Clark and Devon Hardware. This place has been around forever, and their staff is top notch. Discussing the Emtek line with them (many of whom used Emtek models in their own homes), we came away satisified that, with appropriate maintenance, our lockset should operate just fine to meet our needs. It isn't the highest-end solution we could have chosen, but it's the right choice for us.

So, we placed the order today and are hoping it should arrive in about five business days. In the meantime, we're thinking we might actually install the door itself as soon as this weekend and secure it with a temporary tubular lockset that we've got in the basement.

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I've dealt with Clark Devon hardware since the 60s. Tho I haven't been there in 10 years now, they have always been acknowledged as the very best on the entire north side & probably in all of Chicago. POPS -30-


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