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So, we are gathering ideas for the upstairs master bathroom. Since we've chosen blue tile accents for the floor, I was looking for complementary colors to go with blu-ish grey.

The color wheel suggests that if we really want to get attention with this room, we should choose its color opposite. So orange would work well. I've gathered up pictures of bathrooms that worked these colors into their decor and I think we might be on to something.

This is more of a peach tone, but it could work.

Another nice color might be yellow.

I especially like the use of reflective surfaces in this last photo. Because it can really make a small space look larger.

I also need to check out Sl?Lirpa Designs from Sweden because they are very good at using contrasting colors in interior design (they originally came up with the blue and yellow colors for the Swedish flag.) It's important that the right shade of orange be matched up with this shade of blu-ish grey.

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april fool?

How did you get into my Grandmothers house!?

you're playing a joke on us, right? or you're testing us, to see if we will we be honest or play along.

This has to be a joke! There is no possible way that with all the awsome work you two have done on the house so far your taste could be *this* bad. I'm with Meredith...has to be April Fool.

But I will had me going for a while. :)

I've actually been in more than one bathroom featuring shiny gold wallpaper. the effect is so disco-delicious!

Well played. Slf Lirpa Designs, indeed.

I'll admit I was a bit panicked and then just confused. Until Greg's comment about sloof lirpa tipped me off. Hee hee. Very nice.

Oh my gosh. I got so scared for a second that I got butterflies in my stomach! I should've known two have much better taste than to do this to your beautiful house!

Tile on the floor!!?? Carpet is so much warmer, especially in the bathroom. Orange or peach would be lovely-have they ever really gone out of style?

The pictures are vomit-inducing - but I love blue and orange together!

Well played, you two. Well played.

As if I didn't find this site inspiring enough already ...

What a perfect post from you as usual! Not only do you have good taste, you are witty as well!
Happy Friday!

That's the second time I've been fooled today by a blog post. I was politely saying nothing.

Suh-prise! And, yes, April Fool. Hee.

Thanks much to the following sites for their ideas:

The Ugly Bathroom Club

Finalists from Allure's Ugly Bathroom Contest

HGTV's Return of the Ugly Bathroom

And thanks to all of you for being such good sports :)

Unfortunately, this looks a lot like our previous owner's "bungalow style." It will be a while before we get around to removing the silver and gold wallpaper in the bathroom. Sigh.
Thanks for the opportunity to find some humor in it. Happy April Fool's!

You guys are good! Considering I read this post today, April 2, you really had me going! After looking at those bad bathroom sites, the sad thing is, I'm sitting here going, "Man, most of those really aren't that bad..." (Compared to my horror of a bathroom!) I really should have entered that contest. The shiny wallpaper reminds me of what my mom told me was originally on the walls in the bathroom of the house I grew up in - shiny stamped *tin* tiles! You know, those really cool ones that would look great in many rooms, EXCEPT the bathroom, including IN the shower, rusted together! Yes, that's right. I only wish she had thought to take pictures. So does she. (And that's NOT an April fool's joke!)

i was just about to add this entry to my "things that make you go hmmmm" list, until i figured out "sloof lirpa designs"... the last bathroom was the best, with the cork and mirror tiles...tres chic. it reminded me of ken's old condo before he had his tasteful way with it.

on a serious note, a soft yellow would be a very nice complimentary color to your blue-gray tile. check out hall china's vintage line of general electric refrigeratorware to see what i mean. very retro, but fresh and pretty...and an easy color combo to work with if you want to add a few vintage linens to your bathroom decor (which i'm sure you do---who doesn't?).


I don't have a bungalow, but yesterday (April 1) I posted pictures of my house online! I thought you might be interested to see them! They're here:

Just try not to be TOO jealous, heh.


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