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We've posted a picture of our neighbors' backyard fence so Chris could see it. It's our favorite backyard fence too. Someday, we hope to have one just like it. And the cherry tree would be nice as well!

That it still looks this nice with a garbage bin in front of it is a testament to how pretty this fence is. Very bungalow-ish. Very Craftsman.

I didn't take pictures of their backyard because we didn't want to be COMPLETELY nosy, but I covet their three season porch and their birch trees. Sigh.

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Wow, that is a pretty fence (and tree!). Our neighbors have a white picket fence in the front yard that is original to the 1833 house. What few alterations that have been made to the house were done to the back, so the whole front view looks almost exactly as it would've 172 years ago. So pretty.


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