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I snapped this photo on a whim when my mom was visiting. We were on our way to a yarn shop and ducked into Cassona in Evanston. Back when Cassona first opened, I got a dresser from them.


So many bungalows have a small kitchen, but it IS so nice to have a spot in the kitchen to spread out or eat a casual meal. When I saw this cabinet with the fold down table, I immediately thought, "Hey! A fold down breakfast nook!"

It looked like the fold down ironing boards in so many houses here (we have a space for one). So, why not? Why not a fold down breakfast nook?

It's an interesting idea, I think...

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that is such a great idea! we have a kitchen nook and some p.o. took out the built in table and chairs- probably in the 60s or 70s. we also have a dining room, but it's amazing how much we use the nook!

Sounds like Sophie's Mom Deb was writing about their cute nook as part of their new kitchen - useful and attractive. Love it. We like our nook too which is awaiting your visit.
Love, Gramp and Gram K+K

That is indeed supercute... but I don't know how well the functionality meshes with the actual use of a breakfast nook. The nature of the BNook is casual and ad-hoc. You don't so much plan on its use as just take advantage of its presence. One person's starting dinner, while the other's doing bills or something. Somone does dishes and someone else drops in to keep them company. You GET to be together without having to plan to be together. The nook is really nice because instead of wolfing that quick snack over the sink (hey, it's only a can of yogurt and you've got to get to work) you sit with it for a sec. The nook is essentially serendipitous~ that's why it's so delightful.
Since the nook is based on spontanaety, anything that requires preparation (like folding it down and pulling over a chair) will defeat it's purpose. Either it never gets used because it doesn't get folded down (why bother for that can of yogurt) or it stays down permanently so you'd do better with something more solid. With the foldaway, you've sacrificed one good for another good... you should make sure that the trade will actually be worthwhile.
Casual spaces are where we tend to use fold-outs and hide-aways because it seems to us that the formal pieces should be immutable, but ironically, casual spaces are where these transformers tend not to work. Though few would consider such a thing, it would make much more sense to have a fold-away formal dining set because it's use is ritualized anyway. Once you're committed to spreading the cloth, setting the table, folding napkins, providing a centerpice, etc.... unfolding the table is just another little step among many. And the formal table does little but get cluttered except when it's being used very specifically.

i'm not sure a breakfast nook requires so much thought and debate. it is really cute and seems practical in a small space...i say get one and if you use it, you use it and if you don't, you don't. pretty simple and oh so cute!

Our neighbors had a fold town breakfast nook just like this before the redid their kitchen. The kitchen is beautiful and modern now but beth and i gasped in horror over the removed built-in. It was such a clever use of space. I guarantee it would have been worked in to the update had it been in our kitchen.

I love that! But if you fold up the table - assuming it's not always going to be in use - then do you still have any access to the shelves behind it? Or maybe the idea is that you can only use the shelves when the table is unfolded?

We have a tiny kitchen and a small dining nook off the living room. That looks really handy.


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