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AMS pointed out yesterday that we didn't show the new fixture we installed in the entry. So, here it is!

It's the Classic 3-1/4" 6-Sided Opal Acorn Shade from Rejuvenation. We chose it with a antiqued brass base, so it isn't exactly like the one pictured.

Bonus fun fact: The acorn style is particularly appropriate for the Chicago squirrels that climb on our roof from the branches extending from the Locust tree in our front yard. We consider it our subtle homage...

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Great choice, don't you just love rejuvenation!! I think the greatest trip in the world would be to go to the store in Portland. Now let's see, where else could I put some fixtures??


We just put up a new entry light, too. I also really wanted to get one from Rejuvenation, but my husband talked me out of it because of the price (we got our front light and two side lights for half what we would have spent on the light I was drooling over at Rejuvenation). I finally conceded and told him that before we are done with our home renovation, we are going to SOMEwhere have ONE light from Rejuvenation, and it's gonna be GOOD.

So yeah - love your light =)

love the light! bravo!!

That light looks identical to my 1921 Milwaukee bungalow original hallway light fixture. Rejuvnation must do its homework!

The Rejuvenation store in Portland is great fun. Tons and tons of reproduction stuff we can't afford, and lots of great salvage stuff as well. They have a new "branch store" in Seattle, but it lacks the salvage area--still cool but not as exciting to browse. I'd definitely suggest a trip to the Portland store for anyone with an older home.


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