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Serendipity. That's the word of the day after ventured out to celebrate my dad's birthday and came home with a vintage arts & crafts sideboard!

The photo above isn' OUR sideboard, actually--we didn't have a camera with us at the time. I grabbed this photo from Cottone Auctions because it is similar enough. Both share a simple craftsman design and a similar profile. That said, ours doesn't have its original finish like this one does. It also didn't cost the small fortune this one probably did. In fact, we got a down right deal...

After taking my parents out for a birthday brunch, we decided to swing by one of our favorite dealers in rescued, beautiful things--Architectural Artifacts. They display an amazing array of items--from vintage tile to Catholic confessional booths. It's a wonderful place that we love to introduce to friends.

Our last few visits we'd been eyeing a particular vintage sideboard there. We weren't really in the market for one at this point--work on our dining room will be a long way off. But this particular sideboard had such a strong similarity to our bungalow's original craftsman character that it was hard NOT to consider. Each time, we ultimately decided against it on the most practical of reasons--price and timeline.

So imagine our intrigue today when we arrived to find they were having a sale--30% off everything! We hadn't heard about the sale and we were actually a bit anxious that "our" sideboard might already be gone. To avoid jinxing the situation we played it casual, looking around with my parents for awhile before heading upstairs.

Sure enough, it was still there. But even better, it had an additional tag--"All built-in's 50% off." 50%!? [Cue the Hallelujah Chorus here.] After a brief conversation designed to make us look rational in front of my family, I headed downstairs to stake our claim.

We'll pick it up next weekend, so look for actual photos then. In the meantime, we'll be trying to figure out where on earth we'll keep the darn thing until we can gain back enough square footage in the house to rearrange the dining room... :-)

PS - For you Chicago folks, the sale at Architectural Artifacts runs through December 17th (2004). Check it out...especially if you're in the market for, say, an Argentine Brass and Glass Candy Jar Stand. And really...who isn't?

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Confessional booths? Wow! I gotta get one of those! It reminds me of my Catholic girlhood. All those scary hours spent in the dark, confessing! ;)

Oh, come on, Sandra. Hours? ...POPS"30"

Congrats! And reasonable too! I have been to this place several times on my Chicago trips and got more than a few antique tiles there. My auntie refused a return visit because she said the owner was snotty to her. Not that I could bring a sideboard back to North Carolina or anything. I remember their lighting department was amazing.


Hee hee. When we were there yesterday, I slid that wooden door over that the priest uses and just the sound of it brought back all of it. I hear that certain *thunk* and something in me knots up with a "well, here goes..."

I think it's conditioning. Like Pavlov's dog.


There's a place closer to you in Roanoke...(well, it's closer than Chicago!) "Black Dog", or something like that. I'll try to find the link for you.

Hey H.I.P
Have you ever tried going over to Salvage One? The majority of there stuff is architectural pieces but if nothing else it is fun to walk through. I have not been there for a few years but I hope to go this winter and see if they have anything for my newly acquired 1920"s bungalow. I believe there are other places in chicago but this one I use to go to all the time years ago when working for a company restoring old homes in Oak Park. Good luck and have fun restoring/updating your house


Oh yes! Salvage One is fun too. Jan's down near the meatpacking district is arranged a little more like these salvage places used to be...nice and messy.

Compared to 10 years ago when I was actively hunting salvage, the prices are way WAY up. So, be prepared. It's a shocker.


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