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Way, WAY long ago, we joked about the changes made to the house by other owners. We wondered if we would find any "hidden spaces" because they had left this book behind in the house. We haven't found any yet. But! Maybe we can create some of our own!

The Hidden Door Company offers "elegant concealment solutions"...the gracefulness of a built-in with the usefulness of a DOOR!

This is so....so....Nancy Drew COOL! I am sad that I am not able to think of where to put one.

Or, wait a minute, I'll get back to you on that. Gotta talk to the DH about an idea I just had.

In the meantime, you folks in Chicago...the people who have "tandem bedrooms"? Here is the perfect solution for an entrance into that awkward extra room.

p.s. Just make sure to match any trim to the rest of the room. Otherwise it looks a bit...um...conspicuous.

(Thanks to Boing Boing for the original link.)

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I SO want one of these!!!! I always said if I could build my own house, I would have a secret room (and yes, I read every Nancy Drew as a child). Unfortunately, I cannot think of a good room to do this to in our 1932 bungalow. Hmmm...maybe all the bathrooms.... :-)

What a cool idea, we could definitely use one! We've got a strange room that is supposed to be our third bedroom but is more like a den or parlour. It has three entrances what a great way to make it more private!

That's awesome! This would be awesome to hide a set of back stairs running to the kitchen - that would be VERY Nancy Drew.

Ooh, I was a big Nancy Drew fan, too. When I was in fourth grade, we moved to a town that didn't have Nancy Drew books at the library - I was devastated!

I've always wanted a secret door. Hmmm ... where to put one in my house ...

That is way too cool!

My grandmother lived in a ramshackle Victorian in rural Ohio. The only access to the turret stairs was through a door just like this in the second parlor. I remember the doorknob was sort of hidden, so you had to reach into the bookcase to swing the door open.

There is house down the street from my parents house (the one I grew up in). It belongs to Bruce and Claire Newton, creators of "Garfield Goose" from the Bozo Show. Thier house is an amazing 3 (at least) story Victorian which has MANY "hidden doors". When I was a kid, they used to host a Christmas tour of their house, which was always high on my list of "coolest things ever". (I would still go if they did it now!) Their hidden doors also led to really cool things, like a mock ice cream parlor in the basement and the cabin of a ship in the attic (complete with porthole). The Newtons are much older now, and are not able to hold tours anymore, but I hope that they have secured the house as a Historical landmark for the future(I'm sure they probably have.) Their house is a little known, but very exciting peice of Chicagoland history. "Johnny" Drury even signed his name on an attic rafter as a child growing up in Aurora! (most Chicagoans should know who he is.)Thanks for helping me take a trip down memory lane!


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