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Everytime I come and go through the front door, I wonder what it was originally like. Was it like this picture above? Or something else?

Could it be that way again?

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I,m sure it can be redone to look like the first photo.

Go for it !

Where is the top picture from?

I agree with dad. You can do it!

(Thanks Dad! It is strange, the similarity between the layouts, eh?)

Sandra--I wish I could remember where the picture was from. It was from a magazine that I felt comfortable cutting up. It wasn't from American Bungalow or Fine Homebuilding--I like to keep them whole. And it is OLD. I was collecting magazine photos in the Idea File for years before we actually bought this house. So, it is a mystery! The back of the clipping doesn't offer any clues either, unfortunately.

Thanks for the positive vote! I think restoring the original door would pull some light into the front hallway. It sorely needs it.

Take care--


I have an older bungalow with a door and trim just like the pictured. Oddly I also have the french doors but they (and the wall) are on the left side. While the door is one of my favorite parts, the old handle makes a big deal. No idea if they are original but they look it.

The door is the house's smile. I think it is a focal point and worth the trouble to get the way you like it.

It is kinda creepy how similar these bungalows can be.


If you do go with it, move the door to the left.

The current door is too close to the wall, and it would not look good with the old door that cose to the wall.


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