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It seemed like a good time to post about our aspiration to put skylights in our master bedroom after Phil left the following comment in our post yesterday on the second floor tearout work:

Our top floor was redone right before we bought the house, and, while it is a completely different world than the first floor (which has been preserved in the original 1923 craftsman style), we love it anyway. It's a contemporary loft, and we've learned to really love it. One of the best features that was added was a set of skylights. There is nothing better than lying in bed at night and looking at the stars through the skylight, or the sound rain thrumming down during a storm.

While our second floor will be a bit more period than Phil's sounds, we're hoping to work skylights in to the design. The photo above represents a few elements of our plans--specifically that it is a pair of windows are set in a vaulted ceiling and centered over the bed. Our design will be different, though, in that our wall will extend several feet higher and we'll be installing them in a beadboard ceiling.

We're currently researching skylight manufacturers and the best model and dimensions to suit the space. More to follow on that once we know...

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I've always been leary of skylights. If they ever start leaking it's a real problem. Also right over the bed the daylight will wake you up early....But they are nice....POPS'30"

I like waking with the sun. Nothing like a bright bedroom in the morning. No need to turn a single light when you're getting ready for the day. Skylights also offer a way to vent off the hot air that seems to rise to the highest point of the house in the summer. I couldn't imagine living without them at this point. And, living in Milwaukee, we get tons of rain and haven't seen a leak yet...

You are going to love the sound of rain on the skylights. My craftsman-style house has a tin-roof balcony off of one bedroom and the sound of rain on the tin roof is so soothing.


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