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Continuing a theme, I guess, another design element we've come to love in our bungalow is the mosaic tile in our entryway (it's one of the few things still in great shape). So many houses in the neighborhood have the same pattern even though the houses themselves are different. We're lucky that our pattern is pretty unique. We expect to use the tile colors as the design pallet for selecting interior paints (once we get to that).

We've gotten some questions about where to get vintage tile. We had to replace the tile for our bathroom floor because it could not be saved. That was common stuff that we picked up at the Great Indoors. We won't be replacing our entry way tile, but for those who need to here's an interesting site we've found...

Maestro Mosaics

Even though some of the "tile rugs" are too "busy" for our bungalow style, they are very fun to look at!

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Has anybody found a place for vintage tile??? Our 1929 Oak Park (IL) jumbo bungalow has (apparently) Teco pottery tile in the bathroom and kitchen, and I've been told by architect friends that I cannot rip it out as it's too valuable. Some tiles are cracked and I'd like to replace the broken ones.

Bathroom: purple tile, to match the purple sink, toilet, and tub (and until I ripped it out), wallpaper. Too much purple is not a good thing.

Kitchen: green. Very cool looking, actually.


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