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A common element of Arts & Crafts interiors, we've had intentions to do some stencil work in our own bungalow. They add a lot of character and warmth to a room.

The place we're planning to use stencils ourselves is in our front entryway. The small portal between the front door and the closet has a cozy feel due to its size. We envision it painted a deep warm color to match the beautiful floor tile, trimmed out with a stenciled quote.

These particular stencils are mostly from Trimbelle River Studio & Design. At this point we haven't gotten specific about a pattern, so any feedback or other links are welcome.

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I vote for the non-floral one. I think geometry-based stencils are always interesting.

I agree, actually, so I moved the one you liked to the top of the post! ;-)

I do like the bottom one though. The Dard Hunter Rose is a cool icon and it just looks very Frank Lloyd Wright to me, which is a good thing. Actually, I've tried to find Wright-inspired stencil patterns and haven't had any luck. Any suggestions out there?

My vote is for the bottom rose one. I love that rose motif. My friend has a window in her house with three of the roses, and I have a china set called Seance by Noritake (alas, discontinued) that reflects it. In fact, I almost got a tattoo of same! Good luck!

first post. long time reader :)
did you look at the many types of frieze wallpapers available from bradbury and bradbury? they're expensive but if it's a small area it might be worth it.
IMHO, stencils can look cheesy if not done perfectly. Maybe a B&B wallpaper would look more authentic?

In anticipation of owning my first home, I've been scouring all available resources for arts and crafts era stencils. I came across these just today, and thought of you guys.
Another option I've been considering is to purchase the acetate sheeting and cut out my own stencil. If either of you are artistically inclined, it may be something worth looking into. Your image could be 100% unique to you, whether you design it on your computer or draw it out by hand. You could incorporate things you especially love, like the Dard Hunter rose...
(It's an option I'm considering as I am only 5 weeks away from closing!)

Hey, the designs at that link are cool. Thanks for the tip! (And good luck on your closing!)

I'm trying to find this Dard Hunter Rose stencil. It's not on the Trimbelle River Studio website. Do you know where I can find it?

John, try and go to Products > Stencils

Had to write because I just did a stencil in my living room, and also just found your site and love it. I made my own stencil based on the top geometric one but altered it by spacing out the graphics and dropping the bottom horizontal band because it goes above a picture rail and there seemed to be too many horizontals. If you choose to make your own make sure to make it out of heavy weight acetate, because it will tear. I learned the hard way and had to cut it twice! I also did it in one color, because I just like simpler things. I agree there is a thin line between looking great and looking country cheese with stencils.


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