The Ball House

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Scott and Stephanie have a gorgeous bungalow outside Tacoma, Washington, that they've been restoring. From their website:

"In April of 1997, Stephanie and I purchased a 1917 Craftsman Bungalow in the North end district of Tacoma. This house was built for Seraphion and Lillian Ball in 1917, at a cost of $14,000 as recorded in the Tacoma newspapers."

The inspirational photos of their kitchen are absolutely fantastic. They also did a great job selecting the five craftsman colors they used for the exterior.

Finally (given our own recent work on developing a structured wiring plan) it is worth mentioning that they also have an interesting collection of technology-related postings on their site, including an overview of the home network and even the latest temperature. Cool!

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Started years ago as a scrapbook, this collection of photos serves as inspiration as we restore our own bungalow. We hope you find it either useful or entertaining as well.

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