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As we get started on the tear out work upstairs, we've tried to get more specific about what our design for the master bathroom will be. Even though we've already made some of the major structural decisions (with the help of many of our readers) there are still lots of detailed decisions to be made.

I really felt we were missing an overall visual inspiration, until I saw this picture in the book Pottery Barn Bathrooms. It captures many of the design elements we've been thinking of, like the beadboard wainscoating, the clawfoot tub, and the white hex tile floor.

I was most amazed to turn the page and find that they even had the Kohler Memoirs sink that we'd already found and purchased!

Aside from the blue (we're thinking of warmer colors), this could practically be the exact "after" picture we're hoping for.

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Did you find 2" hex for the floor?

We have an old Milwaukee brick bungalow that we are working on little by little. The Kohler sink you picked is exactly what I like and there is a company that makes the old medicine cabinets but...if you surf ebay occassionaly you may find and old one. Also your local Chicago Architectural salvage yards may have one...

There is also a stencil company in Wisconsin
you may want to take a peak at. I have done a shower curtain and some linens with the arts and crafts designs on them.

Pattie Schey

We haven't gone looking for the hex tile for the master bathroom yet. For the first floor bath, we found our grey and white octagon and dot tile at the Great Indoors. It was a special order from American Olean and took about 10 days to get.

Thanks for the stencils link. I particularly like some of the medium ones like the Rose & Bellflower. That will come in handy when we do the front entryway to the house!

I'm looking for honest,reputable contractors to remodel my bathroom and kitchen. I seeking estimates for now. I've currently own a Chicago Bungalow on the southside of Chicago, I'm also a certified member for over 2 1/2 years now. If you could send a list, or give some sound advise...t will be greatly appreciated. I've already contacted HBCA as well.



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