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Sean emailed us a photo of his own bungalow and writes...

"I'm a fellow bungalow owner in North Charleston, SC. My wife and I are slowly working on our 1915 Bungalow. The houses here are interesting in that they all used to be owned by Garco/Raybestos-Manhattan as housing for company management and other high muckamucks."

Sure enough, they are interesting. The strong craftsman style roofline of Sean's place is really attractive. The same strong roofline is what attracted us to our own bungalow.

Sean also shared photos of several other bungalows in his neighborhood, and many shared that same roofline. But even with that similarity, they're still each interesting in their unique variation on that theme. With such character, its nice to see that the community is trying to preserve its architectural herritage through the Noisette Redevelopment Project.

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Nice to hear from a fellow southern bungalow lover! We live in a neighborhood in Durham, NC very similar to Noisette. Our neighborhood is a collection of homes built to house the millworkers who were employed at the nearby Erwin Cotton Mill. Our little bungalow was built in 1920, about the average age of the houses in the neighborhood. We have several neighborhood associations close to where we live that have collected lots of info on the architecture and history of the area. We live in the Old West Durham Neighborhood Ė and nearby is Watts Hospital Ė Hillandale Neighborhood - another great neighborhood full of all types of bungalows and other fun architecture. Durham has so many homes ripe for renovation and a great organization to encourage it - Our bungalow is pretty basic, it doesnít have all of the lovely built-ins and fabulous tile work that was often used at that time, in fact I donít think our house was originally built with a bathroom, our guess is that it was added about 1926. But, the house has a certain charm, high ceilings, French doors, large kitchen, 2 fireplaces, wonderful front porch that we love. There is lots of work to do on the house, and fortunately lots of work done, itís just such a joy to work on these old houses! And House in Progress is such a great inspiration and motivator, I canít wait for each update!!


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Started years ago as a scrapbook, this collection of photos serves as inspiration as we restore our own bungalow. We hope you find it either useful or entertaining as well.

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