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We've been wrestling with how we'll eventually deal with the floor in our kitchen. Then, in the checkout line at Lowe's, we came across this photo in the April edition of Renovation Style magazine. It was the first time we'd seen a cork floor used in a way that really complimented craftsman style architecture.

Cork flooring is very appealing to us, since it has many benefits. It's a more forgiving surface than traditional woods because it's less likely to stain. It's also a good surface for standing, because it gives somewhat. Finally, it's very flexible to use because it comes in lots of colors and installs in squares like linoleum.

Our kitchen is a long way off but this picture was something we definitely wanted to stash away in the Idea Guide because it gives us hope.

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And don't forget that cork is environmentally friendly, too.

another great kitchen flooring alternative is Marmorette by Armstrong. We used it in our old house and it is a fabulous product that looks very similar to products originally used in bungalows. It is virtually indestructible....great with pets too!


We have truly become House in Progress junkies! Thanks for keeping us entertained.

I was hoping to use cork for my kitchen floor (eventually) for precisely the reasons you mention. The only thing that concerns me is the cats....it seems like it would be the perfect place to scratch. (And there's the fact that I used to let mine use an old cork bulletin board as a scratching post.) Maybe Dave wouldn't be interested though.

We looked at Marmorette and it ran about $5.00 per square foot. It is a natural product- This Old House did a spot on it one time- it's made from flax I am pretty sure. It has alot of very neat color options too. We are about to undertake our kitchen and are doing vinyl to save $ - only 60 cents a square foot but NOT a natural product.

The Whalehead Club is a c. 1920s home in Corolla, NC that is not unlike an overgrown bungalow. It has been renovated with new cork floors. The interior is a combo of arts & crafts and very late art nouveau (the art nouveau elements were taken from another earlier property, but apparently were installed at the time of original construction). I highly recommend a tour for anyone who finds themselves on the Outerbanks of NC. Check out the website: http://www.whaleheadclub.com/


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