A Sweet Children's Room by Parker

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Sometimes, we look at our house and sigh. We get out the paint scrapers, plastic sheeting, cleaning supplies, hammers, and such with a little bit of a heavy heart. Will it ever be done?

And that is when we turn to the inspiration of friends who have done this before. They lift us up and carry us on, not only because they are great friends, but also because they've been there, done that. And can offer a vision of what we are working towards.

Even Parker's daughter is a little cheering section (see above). She is obviously pleased with her parent's persistance and results. Yeah!!!

(Dogs and babies really lighten our hearts...is it that obvious? :)

So, the kids' room at Parker's house is a clever, sunny use of space...this is the "big boy bed" bought at a garage scale and transformed by paint and linens into a really snuggly place for reading bedtime stories and dreaming.

A neat way she's dressed up this changing table is to create a space for hanging that day's outfit and using it as part of the decor.

The closets are designed for little hands to begin choosing their own clothes (oh no! Watch out! Stripes with polka dots! We love it.) So there are baskets instead of drawers that would pinch fingers. And low hanging curtain rods under the angle of the roof.

Surprise! This window is also tucked into the clothes closet. What a nice closet to escape to and read a book or play quietly! I loved hanging out in the closet and other small spaces when I was a kid. This let's natural light in and makes the closet more of a room than a storage space.

And, on the other side of the room, a closet paneled with pine has hidden doors, drawers and a toy box built in so that it can double as another fun playnook...maybe a castle? Maybe a fort? Only limited by the imagination.

Another surprise? This is all one room. The differently painted walls create the different spaces within the room for both children. Yellow stripes and periwinkle blue...and it all works to create a delightful room.

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When will it ever be done? When it is you can sell it & start over again on another one!!! Sounds like fun to me...POPS"30"

Mustn't forget Dave the Cat along with dogs and babies (even when he's being a bit naughty). Just was catching up after a few terrible, horrible days of my own and hope you are doing better. Amazing what a little crocus can do for you. Today is the first day that feels/smells like spring here - snow has retreated, for now. But it's New England, and you just never know!


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