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I found another photo from my old idea book.  Again, a photo that I had pasted in the book years ago of a space that I found appealing.

My love of this space was inspired by the book, A Room of Her Own: Women's Personal Spaces, by Chris Casson Madden.  The editorial review on Amazon describes the book in this way:

With over 200 beautiful, full-color photographs and an intimate, engaging text, A Room of Her Own: Women's Personal Spaces brings to life the special places that women have created as retreats from their busy everyday routines. Within the seven chapters, Celebrating Color, Sacred Places, Working Sanctuaries, Natural Retreats, Serene Spaces, Evoking Memories, and Garden Rooms, innovative and stylish ideas for creating a room of one's own abound. Ella King Torrey, President of the San Francisco Art Institute, explains in Celebrating Color why she gravitates toward her sitting room in her home in San Francisco. "I just relax and think in this room," Ella explains. "This room really feeds my soul and reminds me of life's wonderful possibilities. Every object in this room is connected to a personal place or experience, and so sitting in this room keeps me whole."

A REALLY long time ago (15 years!), Liz Slott Lawton put the book A Gift From the Sea into my hands and my life was really changed by it.  Liz is an artist and amazing friend who taught me many things, including the importance of taking time for yourself in order to reenergize and renew.  That it isn't selfish or wrong to say "no" to being everything to everyone.  That you can't take care of others if you aren't taking care of yourself.

I also learned that there is a connection, for me, between the space that I occupy and the my sense of well-being.  The space doesn't have to be large.  In fact, I prefer smaller spaces.  But I always feel my best when I am able to spend some time in a space, a corner, that I consider to be my own.  Even if it is temporarily my own.  A room in a bed and breakfast.  A cubbyhole under the stairs.  There has to be natural light--that's important.  And there has to be the ability to shut out distractions and noise. 

When I used to picture a room of my own, I pictured something very much like this photo at the top of the page.  Lots of windows.  The sense of being up higher than the ground level.  Simplicity. 

I wanted to put it in my idea book so that I wouldn't forget to carve out a space somewhere soon to renew my energy for the work to come.

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