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When I need to escape from bathroom puzzle woes, I dream about putting our fireplace back someday.

This is another long term project that will represent so much of the "heart" of our public space.

Bungalow fireplaces are pretty common in Chicago with a bookshelf on each side and two stained glass windows set above each bookshelf.

We have a lot of the pieces in the basement...the stained glass windows and the shelves (that were originally "built-in"). The doors to the shelves are missing and the firebox is hidden behind wood paneling.

If you peek behind the paneling, you realize that the front of the fireplace has to be rebuilt, the chimney liner has to be replaced and the part of the chimney above the roofline has to be torn down and recreated.

It's a big job.

But it will be amazing when it's done. Years from now. Sigh.

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