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From the infamous idea book, I pulled this clipping from an old magazine. With its window above, its high arched faucet and its deep basin, this sink is one that I love to look at.

I don't think that a marble counter is affordable for us...or as easy to keep water off of as it looks it might. We would have to do something else. And we might not be able to do this sink at all, eventually. However, the shapes and design here inspire us.

Even though a kitchen overhaul is probably 5 years or more down the line.


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I love those big old sinks! They just seem much more practical than the newer types that have a bit of counter in front, and they just look cooler too.

We have definitely had trouble where I work with water pooling on a marble countertop. It can stain pretty badly -- although I imagine that would depend on the mineral content of your water and the finish on the top of the marble (ours had a kind of matte, "unsealed" look).


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