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Our choice for the upstairs bath is our sink from Kohler's "Memoirs" series. From early on when we started looking, this sink was our early choice. It really is what we like in design...clean lines, angular, just unique enough to be luxurious but simple enough not to be gaudy. Its definitely more modern in design than the era of our house, but we've already decided that the upstairs master bath will be a bit more modern so that's OK.

There are actually two sinks in the collection. The second one is smaller:

We considered this one for our first floor bathroom, but ultimately we decided that the one there (an American Standard "Cadet") will stay to save a bit on cost. That helped us justify getting the more expensive one upstairs. :-)

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*sniff, sniff* but darling! I think it looks VERY classic in its styling. And larger because we don't have room for a place to put things at the sink (?)

Oh, well. At least we agree on the same sink :)

At that is probably the most we will ever demonstrate to our readers about how much negotiation and compromise goes on in this house. Because when you're in the middle of a project like this? Let's just say, it's a lot. But we can laugh about it a lot too.

I LOVE this sink. We just fixed our very blue (literally - the color) bathroom up by removing the blue sink with a very dark vanity that blocked the heat vent with a lovely pedestal sink. Sadly, we didn't get to buy the one you purchased, we decided to go with the lower cost option. But, we were able to purchase a very nice side vanity that fits in the space next to the door and under our laundry chute! So, beautiful pedestal AND counter space! We are all happy. Except for the blue tub and blue toilet. I think they miss their blue sink friend.

p.s. I'm new to your site and I love it! My hubby and I are moving into our 1946 Detroit area bungalow on THURSDAY!!!!

We had a blue TUB! It is white now...but I haven't really solved the mystery of the popularity of blue bathroom fixtures. Blue and pink seemed to be the fashionable thing at some point...it would be fun to know why. Did a company market those colors heavily? Were they a fad?

Anyway, welcome to HIP! And congrats on your new bungalow!

I've wondered about the blue and pink as well. Our bathroom was so funny, though - it didn't seem like the tub, sink, and toilet were all from the same time period. At any rate, I found this site:


That sells old ads and many of them from the 50s feature blue and pink bathroom fixtures. So I can see how we ended up with blue as the color of choice, but it doesn't account for your place when it was built. Maybe your builder was just REALLY forward thinking!

Another interesting note... several of the ads feature square tubs with the inset on an angle. I've never seen such a thing in real life. I wonder why...


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