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Sis' Arts & Crafts Doorknobs (12-28-03)
Sis' Light Fixture (12-28-03)
Sis' Front Door (12-28-03)
Parker's Special Bungalow Things (03-01-04)
Traditional Craftsman Bungalow Colors (03-06-04)
Arts & Crafts Stencils (04-28-04)
Dard Hunter Rose Tile (05-05-04)
Bungalow Cool Air Returns (05-18-04)
Bungalow-Style Pedestal Urn (06-04-04)
Mosaic Tile (06-05-04)
Front Doors and Entryways (08-17-04)
Bungalow-Style House Numbers (09-27-04)
Our Friends' Light Fixtures (10-17-04)
Craftmanship of our own (10-21-04)
Bungalow Mailboxes R Us (Revised) (10-28-04)
Light My, wait...Front Porch (11-15-04)
Carl & Karin Larsson's Bungalow (12-09-04)
Entryway Light (02-08-05)
Windowboxes (04-26-05)
Cabinet Locks! (05-25-05)
Aluminum Switchplates from Restoration Hardware (07-18-05)
Candela Rechargable Lights (08-06-05)
Emtek Exterior Door Handle & Lockset (10-25-05)
Duette Window Blinds (10-30-05)
More tile ideas... (01-06-06)
Re-Purposing Old House Parts (04-14-06)
Redrawing the View from Your Window (07-10-06)
Making Our Own Art (09-18-06)
Redrawing the View from Your Window, Part 2 (10-18-06)
Birch Bark Candles (11-04-06)
Designing with Salvaged Wood (01-02-07)
Becoming Well- Read Red (01-08-07)
Our Lady of Perpetual Protection from Plaster Dust (03-07-07)
Studio for dreaming in (03-16-07)
For Your Off-the-Grid Lifestyle (06-15-07)
Fun Things to Do with Salvaged Windows (09-12-07)
Garage: Curtain Fabric (09-26-07)
Frank Lloyd Wright Stencils (10-03-07)


Loft-Style Basement Inspiration (12-29-09)


Diane's Divine Bath (10-23-03)
Bathroom & Shower Faucets from Chicago Faucets (01-03-04)
Double Square Wall Sconce (01-07-04)
Ceramic Floor Tile Patterns (01-09-04)
Subway Tile (01-12-04)
Clawfoot Tub (01-16-04)
Kohler "Memoirs" Pedestal Sink (01-18-04)
Kohler "Memoirs" Toilet (01-26-04)
Bathroom Light from Schoolhouse Electric (02-04-04)
Slanted shower ceiling? Creative solution. (02-17-04)
Modern Deco Bungalow Bath (03-13-04)
Master Bathroom Design (04-09-04)
Clawfoot Tub Faucet (05-12-04)
Bungalow Medicine Cabinet (12-30-04)
Fun with Bathroom Floor Tile (01-14-05)
Ideas for the Master Bathroom (04-01-05)
Pottery Barn Bathroom Hardware (07-21-05)


Beadboard on a Vaulted Dormer Ceiling (12-29-03)
Parents' Guest Bedroom (01-10-04)
Ideas for the "Nook" (01-23-04)
A Sweet Children's Room by Parker (03-25-04)
Bedroom Skylights (06-27-04)
Parker's Master Bedroom (07-09-04)
Unbearable Lightness of Bedrooms (08-28-04)
Better Kids' Beds (08-26-08)


Loft Ladder (01-10-04)
Parker's Magic Built-In Dressing Room (03-07-04)
Unbearable Lightness of Bedrooms (08-28-04)
What's in YOUR closet? (10-01-04)
Master Closet Wardrobe System (10-12-04)
Hidden Doors (11-06-04)
A Seattle Wine Cellar (12-01-04)
Organizing A Bathroom (01-19-05)
Marker Board Walls (06-03-05)
Drawers in Stairs (06-27-05)
Built-In Ceiling Shelves (01-18-06)
Built-in Benches (06-21-06)
eNook (04-27-07)
Inspiration: Ross Chapin Architects and Clever Design (03-22-08)


How to Incorporate Design for Children in a House? (08-31-06)
Home Made Baby Gate (09-08-06)
Sweetest Playhouse for Kids and Adults (10-23-06)
Better Kids' Beds (08-26-08)

Dining Room

Open Stairway (03-04-05)
Open Stairway Redux (03-09-05)


To Paint Stucco or No? (08-10-04)
Gardens...SERENITY NOW! (09-14-04)
A playhouse nicer than my REAL house! (11-19-04)
Bungalow Exterior Door (02-02-05)
Backyard fence (03-27-05)
Back Porch Columns (06-22-05)
Mormor and Farfar's Garden (06-13-06)
Roof for a Grill (07-05-06)
Outdoor Spaces (01-20-07)
Garden Dreaming (03-24-08)
Color (05-14-08)
Outdoor Craftsman Wall Sconce (10-21-09)

Family Room

Fireplace (01-29-04)
Obama Family Fireplace (11-01-04)


Mission Style Bed (04-25-04)
An Arts & Crafts Sideboard of Our Own (12-12-04)
Nursery Room Rocking Chair (01-04-06)

HouseBlogs Idea Guide Widget for HouseBloggers (05-16-06)


Energy Conservation Projects: EFI.ORG (10-13-05)
Show Off The Guts (01-22-07)
Basement Flooring Solutions (01-16-08)

KBIS 2006

KBIS Booth Tour: Franke (04-23-06)
KBIS Coverage: Interesting Ideas for the Kitchen (04-23-06)
KBIS Products: Iron-A-Way Your Laundry Clutter (04-24-06)
KBIS Unusual: Fish N Flush (04-24-06)
KBIS Booth Tour: Ginger Co (04-24-06)
KBIS Products: Retro and Vintage Appliances (04-24-06)
KBIS Product: A Microwave in a Drawer (04-24-06)
KBIS Products: Wood Basement Pole Cover (04-24-06)
KBIS Booth Tour: Delta Faucet (04-25-06)
KBIS Products: Kohler Sliding Cutting Board (04-25-06)
KBIS Product Long Post: Countertops (04-25-06)
KBIS Unusual: Neo Qi Energy Cocoon (04-25-06)
KBIS Products: Bendywood (04-25-06)
KBIS Ideas: Magnetic Chalkboard Refrigerator (04-25-06)
KBIS Products: Universal Design Tub (04-26-06)
Attractive Shower Design (04-26-06)
KBIS Booth Tour: Kohler (04-26-06)
KBIS Products: Internet Refrigerator (04-27-06)
KBIS Ideas: Rethinking Subway Tile (04-27-06)
KBIS Booth Tour: Sub Zero/Wolf (04-27-06)
KBIS Ideas: How NOT to Do Task Lighting (04-27-06)
KBIS Unusual: Wash Your Dog (04-27-06)
KBIS Products: InSinkErator Evolution Series (04-28-06)
KBIS Unusual: Soak Your Kid (04-28-06)
KBIS Ideas: Storage (04-28-06)
KBIS New Product: Panasonic WhisperGreen Bathroom Fan (04-29-06)
KBIS Booth Tour: Electrolux/Frigidaire (04-29-06)
KBIS Products: I'm a Fein Fan (04-29-06)
KBIS Unusual: Questionable Branding Choice (04-29-06)
KBIS Booth Tour: Toto (04-29-06)
KBIS Launch Event: HGTV BathDesign (04-29-06)
KBIS Unusual: For That Soaking Wet Tan (05-02-06)
Modern Makeover for a Clawfoot Tub (06-02-06)


Karna's Kitchen Idea (02-08-04)
Parker's Kitchen (02-22-04)
Bungalow Kitchen Cork Floor (04-05-04)
Vintage Kitchen Sink Dreams (04-22-04)
Eloise's Kitchen (09-25-04)
A Holiday Special...Other People's Kitchens (11-24-04)
Temporary Kitchen Floor? (01-31-05)
Fold Down Breakfast Nook (03-17-05)
Kitchen Color Inspiration (06-08-05)
Ikea Farm Sink!? (07-25-05)
Toekick Drawers in the Kitchen (03-01-06)
Under the Counter Rolling Table (07-13-06)
Faux Stainless Steel Covering for Appliances (12-09-06)

Living Room

Ideas for the fireplace front and mantel (03-15-07)
Living Room Lighting Scheme? (11-13-07)

Other Bungalows

Suzanne's Sweet Bungalow (10-25-03)
Rick and Carrie's "Back from the Brink" Bungalow (10-25-03)
Aaron's Parents' Tudor Revival Bungalow (01-10-04)
North Charleston Bungalows (04-13-04)
Alaska Bungalows (06-11-04)
The Ball House (06-19-04)
Virginia Bungalows (09-07-04)
Chicago Bungalows - Ravenswood Manor (11-09-04)
Gites in France (01-02-05)
Minneapolis Bungalows - Longfellow (05-20-05)
Chicago Bungalows - The Villa (09-13-05)
Chicago Bungalows at Christmas (01-01-06)
Minneapolis Bungalows - Edina (05-25-06)

Other Gardens

Kerri & Bill's Birch Bay Garden (07-17-06)

Started years ago as a scrapbook, this collection of photos serves as inspiration as we restore our own bungalow. We hope you find it either useful or entertaining as well.

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